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We thought we’d set out a few ideas to allow you to continue the Ga Ga experience at home. We hope that you and your little ones enjoy being creative together at home and that these will become fond memories for you both. r

All of us at Ga Ga Theatre x



1) You can listen to all the music from Mrs Armitage & The Big Wave (composed by Julian Butler) here: http://julianbutler.co.uk/music.html

You can even join in with the music by creating your own musical instrument!

For this, you will need:

  • A cardboard tube such as a wrapping paper or kitchen towel tube
  • Aluminium foil
  • 1 piece of paper
  • Sellotape
  • Some rice, lentils, popcorn kernels or something small and solid to go inside the tube and make the sound
  • Items to decorate it with (Glitter, tissue paper, paint, pens, stickers)


  1. Draw a circle around the end of the tube onto your piece of paper and cut it out. Repeat for a second circle.
  2. Take one of the circles and place it over one end of the tube and sellotape it down. This will keep the things inside the tube.
  3. Take a piece of aluminium foil that is just less than the length of the tube. Scrunch it up, keeping the length the same. Put the foil inside the tube.
  4. Pour half a cup of lentils, rice or whatever you are using into the tube.
  5. Seal the other end of the tube with the second circle using sellotape.
  6. Decorate the tube.
  7. Shake the stick up and down to make music!

2) Make your own 3D beach scene using items found in the house or the garden.

What you will need:

  • Piece of paper (whichever size you would like!)
  • Different objects from outside or inside such as bark, grass, rice, flowers.
  • Glue
  • Paint (if you want to decorate the picture afterwards)

Ask your little one to go and explore the garden or house and find objects they can use to represent a beach. For example, they could use bark for a palm tree, or rice for the sand. Once they have gathered the objects they can stick them down how they want to on the paper and create their beach scene. If you have time (for the mess) get out the paints and let them make the picture more colourful. We have included a picture from Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave to help with ideas or inspiration if you need it.


3) Make some bunting!

Mrs Armitage uses her bunting to keep her desert island and surf board together, but you could use it for decoration or celebrations!


You will need:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • A4 pieces of paper
  • Colouring pencils/pens (something to decorate the bunting)


  1. Cut the pieces of paper into triangles of any size you would like.
  2. Put holes in the top two corners of the triangles.
  3. Decorate the triangles.
  4. Feed the string through the holes made in the triangles
  5. Hang up your bunting!


3) Make your own Avocado Burger with the kids (just like the one Mrs Armitage eats at the beach!), and have great fun in the kitchen with the kids!


  • 3 Tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce
  • 3 Tablespoons of Salt
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Pepper
  • 4lb of ground beef or bean burger patties if vegetarian
  • 3 Avocados
  • Burger Buns (as many as needed)
  • Salad/Lettuce/Tomato/Onion (if wanted)


  1. Mix the Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, ground beef/bean burger and shape them into patties, let the little ones help if you can.
  2. Put the patties in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Grill or pan-fry the patties to how you would like them done.
  4. While the burgers are cooking, peel and mash the avocado.
  5. Place the cooked patties onto the burger buns and top with the mashed avocado. Add any salad you would like on top.
  6. Enjoy your Mrs Armitage Avocado Burger!


We would like to say a special thanks to our sponsors Orbis Access, BMW Park Lane, Mumsnet, Fun Kids and the Arts Council.